Matt Herskowitz Trio

Matt Herskowitz – piano

Mat Fieldes – acoustic and electric basses

David Rozenblatt – drums

Equally accomplished as jazz and classical musicians, the Matt Herskowitz Trio has performed at ma- jor jazz and chamber music festivals throughout Europe and North America, including the Montreal International Jazz Festival, the Naumburg Orchestra Concerts Series (Central Park, NYC), Musikfest Bremen (Bremen, Germany), the Singer Festival (Warsaw), the Rhino Jazz Festival (Lyon, France), El Paso Chamber Music Festival (Texas), the Mineria Chamber Music Festival (Mexico City), Classic Chamber Concerts (Naples, Florida), Luzerne Chamber Music Festival (Lake Luzerne, NY), and the Lyric Chamber Music Society of New York, of which Matt Herskowitz is artist-in-residence. Pro- grams they’ve performed over the years include From Bach To Brubeck, which features Matt’s

arrangements and original compositions based on the music of both composers; Jerusalem Trilogy, also the title of their 2010 album; an all-Gershwin program, featuring Matt’s “reconstructed” arrange- ments of classic Gershwin songs; and their program of Matt’s original arrangements of classical pieces, which include Chopin’s Sonata no. 2 in Bb minor, Schumann’s Piano Concerto, and études by Chopin and Prokofiev, among many others. MHT has also performed Matt’s concerto, Undertow, for jazz trio and chamber orchestra on several occasions with cross-genre chamber group Absolute En- semble. Their performance at the Philharmonie in Cologne, Germany, was filmed and aired by WDR German television.

Their debut album, Forget Me Not (Disques Tout Crin, 2004), received rave reviews and was nomi- nated for Québec’s prestigious Félix award for “Best jazz album of the year.” It was re-released in 2017 as a tribute to their late great friend and mentor, Lew Soloff, who played with them on the album back in 2004. Completely remastered, repackaged and reordered, Forget Me Not: Homage to Lew Soloff is now available on Justin Time Records worldwide. The reissue has received enthusiastic re- views and media attention, some of which are now posted on the Press page.

Their second album, Jerusalem Trilogy (Justin Time Records, 2010), features Matt’s original composi- tions and arrangements. The centrepiece of the album is the title track, a quintet for the trio plus violin (Lara St. John) and cello (Mike Block). The album represents a unique, integrated fusion of written music and improvisation, blending together Jewish and Arab musical styles and grooves. Among the album’s fans was the late great Dave Brubeck, who commended Matt on the recording, saying: “Con- gratulations! You have transformed the concept of ‘world’ music as I conceived of it half a century ago. You have carried it further than I could imagine.”

In 2007, they recorded an album with Barry Manilow, In The Swing of Christmas, for Hallmark, in which Barry features the trio in several arrangements. This album was nominated for a Grammy in 2008, and re-released on Arista Records in 2009. Their latest album, Bach XXI (Avanti Classics, 2015) showcases Matt’s original arrangements of Bach pieces in a variety of contemporary styles and genres, and features acclaimed classical violinist Philippe Quint as soloist. MHT is releasing their second al- bum of Matt’s Bach arrangements in early March 2018 on Enja Records (Marsyas), featuring virtuoso flutist Andrea Griminelli.


Forget Me Not: Homage to Lew Soloff (Justin Time Records) now available

Our 2005 album recorded with our great friend and mentor, trumpetist Lew Soloff, is now available again on Justin Time Records, completely remastered, reordered and repackaged as a tribute to Lew, who sadly left us in early 2016. A true force of nature, his unbridled creativity and imagination is on full display on this album, as well as the energy and kinetic interaction he inspired among us all in this recording. Forget Me Not: Homage to Lew Soloff is a document of a moment in our early history when a new, original sound started to take form, in no small way encouraged, nurtured and inspired by Lew’s enthusiasm and creative input. We are very happy to be able to re-release this album after all these years on Justin Time as a tribute to a man who taught us how to seek our own musical voice wherever it took us, no matter how crazy it got!

You can order the album on Amazon and itunes.

For more info and press reviews of this album, as well as to listen to tracks and see a video of a live performance with Lew, please visit the Discography page.

Bach Reimagined release on Enja Records in March 2018

Our new album of original Bach arrangements, Bach Reimagined, will be released on Enja Records in early March 2018! Featuring virtuoso flutist Andrea Griminelli with the trio, the album reimagines nine of Bach’s most famous pieces in completely new settings and context – still recognizable, yet totally new. For Jazz and Classical fans alike, there are no musical borders or boundaries when it comes to the music of J.S. Bach. We’ll post a link here to order as soon as the album becomes available.

On December 23rd, arranger Matt Herskowitz talks with the BBC about the album on their show “Music Matters” as part of their feature on Bach. We will post a link to that interview a few days before the interview airs on BBC 3.

Bach XXI (Avanti Classic), featuring Philippe Quint, violin

Bach XXI, our 2015 album with acclaimed violinist Philippe Quint on the Avanti Classic label, features our arrangements of selected Bach pieces in a synthesis of styles that defy pigeonholing as any one musical category. Featuring selections from The St. Matthew Passion, Violin Concerto, a Cello Suite and a Cantata, among many others, Bach XXI takes us on a journey of musical rediscovery through a 21st century filter. The album is now available on Amazon and itunes.

For more info and press reviews of this album, as well as to listen to tracks and see live video performances, please visit the Discography page.

Jerusalem Trilogy (Justin Time Records), original compositions and arrangements

Jerusalem Trilogy features an appealing blend of musical styles bridging jazz, classical, and world music influences. Pianist Herskowitz has created an intoxicating world at once traditional and thrillingly new. Features the Matt Herskowitz Trio, Lara St. John, violin, Mike Block, cello, Daniel Schnyder, saxophone/flute, Bassam Saba, Nay and Oud, and Sweet Plantain String Quartet. You can order and listen to tracks of this album on Amazon and itunes. For more information on Jerusalem Trilogy, please visit the Discography page. To read complete reviews of Jerusalem Trilogy, please visit the Reviews page.